Friday, June 26, 2009

Beyond "I Don't Care"

If you've ever had a person or a situation that was your proverbial "thorn in the side", then you've experienced the journey of getting passed the tough times and reaching the "I don't care" space. It seems like an impossible task when faced with it, but it absolutely possible.
But... What about being beyond "I don't care"? Yes, I think this space exists. It's one thing to not care about someone or something anymore, but MAN, the BEYOND, I don't care feeling is just plain awesome!
I dawned on me while having a conversation the other day, that not only had I gotten over the rough spot and was able to not care, but I had actually surpassed that space altogether! Where this issue was concerned, my mind had elevated to a level that had allowed me to not even realize that I didn't care, I had simply removed the very existence of my prior issue. This is what I call beyond "I don't Care", being able to engage with something or someone on a limited or as needed basis, without fully allowing them into your mental space, and immediately dismissing it or their existence the moment the interaction is over.
There are no reflecting thoughts, no walks down memory lane, nothing; You have an interaction, handle what ever business is necessary, and BAM, they/it no longer exists anymore... Again!
In my opinion getting beyond I don't care is far better than just not caring... For you to ponder.


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