Thursday, July 2, 2009

Pig Party

Pig party, swine, party, or to be more politically correct, an H1N1 party, yep, we're talking about a swine flu party! I haven't lost my mind and I'm not taking hallucinogenic drugs; there are people actually discussing/planning to have swine flu parties.
The thought is that they can get the flu while it's in a mild form and build up an immunity to it versus risking getting it later if it evolves into something far stronger. Basically, these neurotic, overly anxious idiots are planning a party to make themselves sick... and probably you and I as well seeing as how they will probably spread their party germs beyond that location. And we wonder how this thing keeps growing... Hmmmm...
The CDC has gotten word of the rumored swine flu parties and are heavily discouraging people from doing this. To me this is like the fire department having to discourage you from setting your own house on fire... ridiculous!
If you happen to get a party invitation with a cute little piggie on the front, trash it!
For You to Ponder...


  1. What the hell is wrong with people??? Would someone actually really want to purposefully get the swine flu? This is madness!

  2. I saw on the news that there will be a vaccine for the swine flu, maybe people will stop with the crazy idea of a party to make yourself sick.