Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Simple Tune

I'm awake. It's the middle of the night and a simple tune is playing in my head. Over and over again I hear the opening bars of Harold Melvin and the Blue Note's I Miss You. I'm trying to think of other things, was I dreaming something that sparked this tune? Was it something I was thinking as I eased into sleep earlier? Whatever the reason, this simple tune is relentlessly playing in my head.
I don't quite know what to do with myself. I could drink, of course I have to be up and ready for work in a few hours so drinking now would make me resemble an alcoholic and there will be none of THAT round here! I could eat, but then I would be packing on pounds that I am so doggedly trying to loose. I guess it's clear to see what I will do as I attempt to get this song out of my head, I will blog.
The keystrokes seem to be in time with the tune playing in my head, I type faster but the song is still there. I see her picture when I close my eyes, it fits with the song. I am tempted to look at old pictures but that will only bring up old memories and give a new hurt.
I'm convinced some higher power has decided its necessary that I am awakened and reminded of the past and how it came to be the past. The mistakes i've made where she is concerned are being shown to me during these wee hours of the morning, they are masquerading as a Simple tune, I Miss You. Perhaps this is not for you to ponder, but for me to ponder.


  1. AwaitingUrLove4:59 PM

    I used to read your blog on 360. I still have the 5 Min Matrix on my refrigerator. Someone told me where to find you and I'm glad I did. I love your blogs and I see they are as good as they were on 360!

  2. I can almost feel your pain on this one. All things and hurt pass in time. Hang in there.

  3. tender1nyc12:55 PM

    One of my favorite old school joints, and yea it can hit you where it hurts if you let it. Good blog, you always express yourself very well.

  4. Reginald6:28 PM

    After my breakup with my last girlfrien I probably listened to that jam about 100 times.

  5. Anonymous7:16 PM

    A timeless classic. Hope the old wounds are healing.