Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things We Should Know

Sometimes the simple is not always the obvious. I am a person that likes to watch other people and their actions and reactions, in doing this, it becomes apparrent that there a many simple things that we should know and/or do that we overlook in our daily lives.
I doubt that there could ever be a conclusive list of these things because each of us could always add just one more entry; the items below are just a few oddballs that I have noticed seem to get overlooked frequently.

  • If you stink, please take the stairs. Smokers, we all stink. Please stay out of the elevator. If you pump your cologne or perfume bottle more than twice, your scent is no longer subtle, its now intrusive, you too should stay out the elevator. The universe thanks you in advance.
  • If you weigh a good 400 pounds, and you are enthusiastically licking an ice cream cone in each hand, expect a few amazed stares and don't return and offended glare.
  • The yellow light - it means CAUTION people! You can still proceed through the intersection, just do it cautiously! Those of us behind you would appreciate it.
  • If you had cod fish for dinner last night, it is not appropriate to bring it to work and heat it in the community microwave that the rest of us have to use. The stench remains for hours and it has a tendency to venture over into what the rest of us are having for lunch. (this also applies to other foods that have a distinct long-lasting odor)
  • Remember please and thank you? Yes, they still apply and yes they still work, use them.
  • There are sinks in the bathroom for a reason, and no its not so you can get a sip of water. WASH YOUR HANDS!
  • Just for MARTA (atlata bus/train system) riders. Those large seats with all the extra spaces that are adjacent to the doors, they really are for persons with disabilities and the elderly, the sign is not there for giggles.
  • Folks with dogs, these are your pets, not your neighbors pets. Please keep their waste in YOUR yard and don't let it venture into the yards of your neighbors.

Enough! But as you are pondering these, I'm sure you will have your own to add.


  1. Regina8:03 AM

    Girl they are funny but they are so true.
    Let me add one more, If you coughing in your hand dont stick it out to shake someone elses hand, thats how germs spread.

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    when you are getting on an elevator wait until the other people get off before you try to get on

  3. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Use your turn signals people cant read your mind

  4. Tip your server, their job isn't easy.

  5. Michael W.12:05 PM

    Turn your car stereo down. Sub-woofers that vibrate like a jackhammer and can be heard three lanes over make you look like a hoodrat.