Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 5 Minute Matrix - Reprinted Upon Request

5 minutes
Its seems just a short time when you think of it in terms of a 24-hour day, but humor me if you will, in stepping through 5 minutes and I think you might agree just how life changing 300 seconds can be to you, your woman, and your relationship as a whole.
Before we embark on our 300 second journey, I must explain something, these 5 minutes are like being in the matrix, there is no before, and the after is based solely on your actions within the 5 minutes. You could take 5 million minutes and never be able to fix/top/retract what occurred during the magic 5. It is true that a person may enter the 5 minute matrix many times throughout the course of their lives but each time they enter, the choices they make, the words they speak, and the energy they release will have life long ramifications.
To illustrate the 5 minute matix, I will give three brief scenarios, each will have a profound life changing out come.
All parties have been involved an equal amount of time, are in the same social,financial and educational class, and are currently monogamous.
Couple Blue & Green
5:15 AM
Blue wakes before the alarm clock goes off. Green is still asleep.
5: 16 AM
Green is snoring. Blue stops to look at Green and is agitated by her snoring but continues walking to the closet.
5: 17 AM
The snoring is louder, Blue is now really agitated and turns to wake Green; as she approaches the bed the sunlight drifts through the window and falls across Green's body.
5:18 AM
Blue spends 30 seconds admiring the light splashed across Green's body and remembering the first morning she awoke to the the beauty of Green (and the annoying snoring). She can't help letting her anger dissipate and love take its place.
5:18:30 AM
Blue sits down with pen and paper and begins to draft a brief note.
"As usual your snoring is driving me crazy. I'm up to go to work and you are in dream world. I never thought I would ever say this, but the sound of your snoring in the early morning has become the rhythm of my happiness. Each day that I am blessed to awake to that sound I know that my life is flourishing and love is abundant. If there were no snoring, there would be no you. If there were no you, I would be less. If you're reading this, I'm already at work...Good Morning Sleepy Head :-) "
5:20 AM
The note is carefully placed on the pillow next to Green

Couple Black and Yellow
4:00 PM
Yellow phones Black at work to see how her day went and what time she would be home.
4:01 PM
Black is agitated and cuts Yellow off in mid-sentence to ask if there was an emergency. When Yellow does not respond fast enough Black raises her voice, "are you going to say anything!"
4:02 PM
Yellow is caught off guard by the tone of Black's voice. The words sting like a slap in the face; her heart instantly feels heavy and she ponders how to proceed.
4:03 PM
Yellow cautiously re-approaches the conversation, ignoring the heavy impatient breathing on the other end. "I didn't want anything in particular, I just missed you and wanted to say I love you, nothing important I guess."
4:04 PM
Not missing a beat Black fires back in hurried, bothered tone. "I'm at work, the same place I am everyday, doing the same stuff I hate doing everyday. If I weren't here, you wouldn't be missing me, we'd be missing money! Love does not pay the bills!"
4:04:10 PM
Yellow feels like she has been punched in the face by the person she loves the most. "i'm sorry I bothered you. I'll let you get back to work." She is instantly greeted by a dialtone, Black has hung up.
4:04:30 PM
Yellow stares at a picture of she and Black that sits on the mantle above the fireplace; she does not recognize the happy laughing couple. He mind tries to wander back to happier times and she realizes that it has been far too long since times were happy and they weren't just going through the motions.
4:05 PM
Yellow removes the photo from the mantle, she knows it will be months before Black even realizes its not there anymore. As she places the picture in a drawer, she slips her heart and spirit in with it also; the last limb of a once blossoming and strong tree has now been cut off. There is nothing left to do but wait for it to die or be cut down.

Couple Red and Purple
1:00 PM
Purple awakes to the sound of rain against the window and lies awake listening to its melody.
1:01 PM
Red has been awake for some time listening to the rain and feels Purple slightly shift. They turn to face each other
1:02 PM
No words are exchanged. They can barely see each other in the darkness; only during the flashes of lighning are they able to fully see one another.
1:03 PM
Red begins lighting stroking Purple's palm with her fingertips, Purple releases a sigh of content, turns over and spoons her body in front of Red.
1:04 PM
Red welcomes the familiar fit of her partner and puts her arm around her to bring her closer. The worries that had her awake for the last 2 hours float away. With all that is wrong in the outside world, it can't compete with all that's right with the woman in her arms.
1:05 PM
Purple and Red drift into a peacful sleep in each other's arms.

Blue realized how much happiness Green brought to her life and acknowledged that a small quirk was not worth complaining about. The note written by Blue in those 5 minutes would be kept for a lifetime by Green and in times of trouble she would rely on it to keep her focused on them and what it took to be happy.

In a matter of 5 minutes Black confirmed all the doubts that Yellow had about the relationship and its tenacity. She hadn't given up on them but had reached a crossroad; she was willing to try. Those 5 minutes forever changed a woman and her feelings. The sands in the hourglass of their relationship ran out as Black hung up the phone.

Although no words were spoken, Purple eases Red through a very hard night of worries. The simple closeness of her woman soothed away even the worst of fears and restored hope. Red never mentioned it to Purple but from that night on whenever she felt things get rough in their relationship, she thought back to that night and knew no other woman could ever bring her such peace.

The 5minute matrix is life altering. Its hard to know when you are actually entering the matrix or if the things you do or say may have a life long impact on you. Live every 5 minutes as if you were in the matrix. The next 300 seconds could change the course of your journey.


  1. Josie6:37 PM

    This is incredible! I read it 3 times!

  2. Anonymous7:30 PM

    damn good blog NTB!

  3. Michael W.7:36 PM

    Its just as good the second time around as it was the first!

  4. Anonymous7:57 PM

    This is so true. people need to realize how precious time is.

  5. Tracy7:52 AM

    I can see myself in all of those situations during different times in my life. Thanks for this I really enjoyed it.