Tuesday, February 3, 2009


One of my favorite blogs that I read daily is PostSecret. I'm sure there is some psychological reason why we find it interesting to know another person's most intimate thoughts or embarrassing moments, etc.
Today I am borrowing from the PostSecret blog theme; In my experience, I have always felt like a weight was lifted if I were able to unload a secret I had been carrying around that was eating away at me. Many times we let fear of what others will think keep us locked in misery simply because we refuse to be open about a situation.
In today's For You To Ponder, everyone that responds should do so anonymously. Respond with a secret that you've been carrying around and would like to get off your shoulders. We will consider this blog the "Dumping Ground". It's a free-for-all, of you've wanted to say it, here is your chance, if you want feedback on it, ask, otherwise, just consider posting your secret like taking out the trash.
Before anyone asks, yes, I too will be leaving a deposit at the Dumping Ground, anonymously of course!


  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    I had a fender bender in my girlfriends car but told her someone must have hit it while it was parked in my office parkinf deck.

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I am an atheist.

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM

    I've never liked my mother but I've never told anyone because people will think I am a bad person. You are supposed to like your mother.

  4. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I'm on birth control and my husband does not no.

  5. Anonymous9:29 PM

    I hate my body

  6. Anonymous4:01 AM

    I thought about making up a secret because I don't have a secret to post.

  7. Anonymous6:14 AM

    I don't bathe every day

  8. Anonymous6:33 AM

    Shhh... someone stinks! LOL

  9. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I've eaten dog food. more than once. its not bad.

  10. Anonymous7:47 AM

    I didn't vote for Obama, all my friends and family think I did.

  11. Anonymous8:07 AM

    I slept with my best friends boyfriend, it was before they got together but i never told her about it.

  12. Anonymous9:54 AM

    i steal from work but who doesnt right

  13. Anonymous11:24 AM

    I lie to my wife about how much money I spend on gambling.

  14. Anonymous7:42 AM

    I once saw a hit and run but didnt report it

  15. Anonymous6:58 PM

    I would rather deal with someone who's taken than deal with the everyday drama of being in a relationship.