Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Does Facebook Own Your A$$

Remember that semi-nude photo you posted on facebook, or how about that “not-so-nice” wall post you put on your ex-girlfriend’s page; Well here’s some news for you, for a brief period, Facebook owned the content the minute you posted the items.
Earlier this month, Facebook decided to give itself the right to all content posted on it’s site, even if you decided to close your facebook account. That’s right, ALL content! Anything you wrote or uploaded to Facebook, belonged to Facebook. Needless to say, tens of thousands of users balked at the notion that their information now belonged to Facebook. As of this morning, Facebook has reverted back to the old terms of use policy that said Facebook could not claim any rights to original content that a user uploaded once the user closed his or her account.
Ponderers this is a heads up, think before you post, think before you upload, just plain ole THINK! The internet is a world within our world and when you put your information into it, it may be up for grabs as to who can see/read/copy/etc your information.
I was not in agreement with the change in the terms of use policy by Facebook and participated in the online petition to have it reverted to its old verbiage. I do think people should be cognizant of the information they share on social networking sites. If it’s something you wouldn’t want the general public to have access to, you shouldn’t post it, simple as that.


  1. I don't think people realize how much of themselves they are opening up to the public when posting to some of these sites. Some degree of anonymity should always be used in my opinion.

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    There are alot of things Facebook has changed that users don't like, luckily this one got the right press to get changed.

  3. Just floating past in response to you guys email.

    I am pretty busy right now - I will be back.

  4. I've always viewed these sorts of social networking sites as a means to get people's information. If I use one, I John Doe it all the way!

  5. Michael W.3:26 PM

    I for one have never been a fan of facebook as it was originally targeting the high school/college age audience of which I am neither. As its popularity spread and more adults got on board, it never really grabbed me, now I'm glad it didn't.