Friday, February 13, 2009

Stimulus Bill Has Been Approved

Here Ye Here Ye, Obamanomics has cleared it's first hurdle! The $787 billion stimulus bill passed by a 246-183 vote in the House earlier today. Voting in the Senate was delayed as they awaited the arrival of Democratic Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown who was delayed due to the death of his mother. Brown cast his vote at approximately 10:45 PM. Although the bill has passed and President Obama is expected to sign the bill on Monday, the bill has had many revisions over the past weeks to get to the approval point.
There was little to no Republican support of the bill in the House, but the bill was still able to gain approval.
Check back to For You To Ponder as you know I will have to give you the skinny on what this means to the everyday Joe. Just wanted to let those inquiring minds know that the bill was passed. Now get back to your regular scheduled Friday activities!


  1. I have posted the full text of the 02/13/09 stimulus bill in searchable text documents and html here ... please note it may take a while for you to read this, considering it's over 1000 pages!!! I can't imagine ANY senator or representative, or even the president reviewed even a 5% of this document. But enjoy!

  2. Neoprimetime thanks for the link to the full stimulusbill, and I agree with you, I seriously doubt they read it as well. There are reports that several senators and representatives made verbal complaints that there was not enough time to read it thoroughly.

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    I was suprised to see the House pass the bill with no Republican support and even more suprised that it passed the Senate. President Obama has made excellent use of the short time he has been in office and I am sure there is more great things to come. Thanks for getting the news out to us so fast, you right up there with CNN!

  4. Michael W.11:52 AM

    The passing of this bill will have far reaching ramifications and all of them may not be good. With everything good there will always be an element of bad. What will be important is which will outweigh the other. The stimulus bill means more than a rebate check to people with outstretched hands. America would be wise to get an understanding.

  5. Gerald8:53 PM

    I followed the link to the document, but have not had time to get through very much of it. This is a clear indication that few, if any, of the House/Senate had time to read it before voting on it. I'm not saying the bill is a bad thing, but I am uncomfortable with people I elect voting on things as important as this without having read it first.

  6. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I checked out the bill too and I'm appalled at the lack of concern behind the amount of time allowed for review of a document this large. I plan on reading it, but I'm sure that will take a long time.