Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Decline in Interest

No need to get your financial calculator out, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with finances. Although now that I think about it, I could tie this to finances, however, I will leave it alone.
OH! I forgot, I haven't explained what I'm talking about! Sorry, I get ahead of myself sometimes; the excitement of sharing my hair-brained thoughts with you just puts me into warp speed!
Declining interest - terminology used to express a decline in ones interest for the person they are dating or their significant other. AaHa! Now you're with me on this. We've all been there, jumping into a relationship with someone, falling head-over-heels to quickly and speeding towards Declining Interest territory.
Remember how you would rush to answer your phone because you wanted it to be him or her? Remember not being able to concentrate at work because your brain was planning your next encounter with that special person? What happened to the tingly feeling of excitement you got when you were close to that person?
Let me tell you what happened - Declining Interest happened! How did it happen to you you ask, well, let me explain the path. Declining Interest is the end result of poor planning, over utilization, inflation of emotion, and pure mismanagement of time.
I will break it down for you...

The Equation

(poor planning+mismanagement)*(inflation of emotion+over utilization)=Declining Interest

Poor Planning - getting giddy with the fact that you've met someone, you forget to continue planning the other areas of your life. You let other things that use to get some of your time go to waste. You get cocky about having a relationship and neglect to have plan B if things don't work out. End Result - when you wake up and see that you have lost who you are, you fight to get back, which takes time away from the significant other, thus "declining interest" in the relationship as a whole.

Mismanagement - You're so happy that he likes you as much as you like him. You choose to look beyond the fact that he seems like he makes all the decision, you're just happy to be with him. You're turning the management of the entire relationship over to the other person. End Result - You feel like you are powerless. You've allowed everything you do to be managed by the other person. Feeling trapped, you pull back to regain who you are, thus showing "declining interest" in the relationship.

Inflation of Emotion - You rush to say I love you. She's quick to get jealous and you've only been dating a month. You both argue versus discuss. End Result - You feel nervous because you are still getting to know the person and they are already falling in love. You've expressed how jealousy is a turnoff yet she displays jealous tendencies. No amount of trying allows you to have a civil discussion without tempers flaring leading to a full fledged argument. You recognize the signs of where this is going so you start to pull away and plan your getway thus showing "Declining Interest".

Over Utilization - You spend every waking minute together. When you aren't together you are on the phone together. Your five faves dwindles to one fave and you forget the rest of the world exists. End Result - Burnout. You're sick of seeing each other. You've run out of things to say and do. It's a chore to hold a conversation. You're both coming up with other things to do to avoid the other person, thus showing "Declining Interest".

To prevent Declining Interest, substitute the formula listed earlier for the one below.

(personal planning+shared management)*(measured emotion+measured utilization)

That concludes your Interst lesson for today!


  1. You really have a way of breaking it down! Great blog as usual.

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM


  3. Gerald12:59 PM

    I need to show this blog to my buddy,might wake his ass up

  4. Anonymous1:52 PM

    straight and to the point. If a female can't grasp this I don't need to holla.

  5. Stephen9:15 AM

    applause, make that loud applause!

  6. Anonymous10:50 AM

    I will never look at the word interest the same again

  7. Anonymous1:00 PM

    my wife is an abuser of inflation of emotion.

  8. Randy7:35 AM

    this is so on point!

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