Monday, February 16, 2009

Quality Time

When was the last time you took a day to devote solely to your child or children? Not an hour or two, but dedicating the whole day to things centered on them and their enjoyment. In the fast pace lives of those of us that work and are also parents, it’s easy to forget how important time with your child can be.
Education does not only take place within the walls of a school in a structured environment. There are lessons to be taught and learned all around us. Almost every medium to large town or city has museums, parks, and historical sites that are open seven days a week. These are great places to spend time with your child and also teach them things about their surroundings. It you are in an area where these types of places are not readily accessible to you, take advantage of what you have; go for a walk in the woods, tell your child about the different types of trees you see, discuss nature and ecology as you enjoy your walk. This is a cool way to incorporate science into your time together. Another thing that’s fun to do is exploring your town or city. Take a long drive into areas you don’t normally travel. Tell your child about how the area was when you were growing up. As you drive you can teach your child the importance of directions and paying attention to their surroundings. It’s sad but there are many adults that are not able to tell you what direction to travel to reach a destination.
Most important is enjoying the time you are spending with your child. You are letting him or her know that they are important to you and so is their happiness. I know as working parents we can’t do this every day but we really should try to do it as often as possible. For those times when you can’t take the day off, remember to have some time just for your child when you get home from work. Leave the stress of the office at the office and come home and appreciate the blessing God has given you, your family.


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    We wonder why I kids grow up and treat us like the enemy, its because we have never taken time to really get to know them. Good blog!

  2. Cheryl8:24 AM

    I really believe that if more of us did this, we could prevent many of our youth from leaning towards a life of crime.

  3. Very good blog NTB, hope people take heed.